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Frequently asked questions

What is Biz-Trade?
Biz-Trade The website is an independent market place for corporate transactions such as corporate sales, corporate co-operation or corporate participation. The portal offers corporations and its founders the possibility of easily making contact, publishing and exchanging their offers and requests between each other.

Which advantages does Biz-Trade offer?
Biz-Trade offers two large advantages to the user:
1.) Each submitting user can publish europen-wide anonymous advertisements, which can be comfortably managed and modified over a personal account.
2.) An integrated communication network that offers the possibility of comfortably completing contact management when desired over the website.

Which are the costs for using it?
Basic entries and message administration are free of charge. For advertisements with attached documents (summaries), please contact us directly.

How can a prospective customer get in contact with you?
Prospective customers can fill out a contact form. All inquiries will be passed on directly to you.

What happens with your data?
All entered data will be stored in our database and will serve for managing your advertisement. It will be neither published nor passed on to any third party.